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released September 3, 2013

Jake Down: Lyrics, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Djembe
Rusty Vining: Bass, E-bow Guitar, Additional Vocals
Charles Bleisch: Violin, Electric Guitar, Additional Vocals
Timothy Flanders: Drums

Gang Vocals: Andy Donaldson, Everett Parks, Grace Nixon, Stephani Dudeck, Rusty, Jake, Charles

Engineered & Mixed by Mike Cervantes @ The Foxboro, Grand Rapids, MI
Master by Joesph Bonham at Northpost Recording Company in Saginaw, MI



all rights reserved


Jake Down and the Midwest Mess Grand Rapids, Michigan

It started out as a passion for the written word - Communicating beauty, heartache, and hope through song... With time skill developed and music evolved. Jake Down pursues passionate, soulful storytelling through raw acoustic instrumentation.

With Jake, what you see is what you get... What you hear is the heart.
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Track Name: A Plow Broke The Plains
It's been years since there's been enough water to
keep the loose dirt down,
so the wind she picks up the soil and
she throws it around, throws us all down

With cracked earth beneath our fest
and bellies full of dust
we sing please oh please
send the rain to us, send the rain to us

i saw living water pouring from
that hole in his side
when i drank i knew that i would thirst no more
and i became alive for the first time

I'm waiting to hear the pitter patter of water on my window...

when i hear the pitter patter of water on my window, I know the rain
will come and wash it all away, and we will be healed.
Track Name: Shipwreck pt. 1: When We Sank
I sunk my anchor in you
when the waves rose and the wind blew
I made you my safety, put my faith in you
but when the storm came
and sang its refrain
when we sank in the breakers of shame
we both moved.

My head how he battles my heart
apposing forces will tear me apart
I've been to the doctor but the healing won't start
take two for the pain
they'll shut off your brain
but the memories of you still remain like damaged art.

Now six years later and still
I choke and I cough on this bitter pill
too hard to swallow, so i don't think i will
so take a deep breath
sink down to the depths
and put all the memories to death,
so goodbye guilt.
Track Name: Shipwreck pt. 2: Undertow
A line drawn in the sand w/ no degree of permanence
all it takes is just one wave to wash our boundaries away
I was far too young to even speak the word of love
and all those damn nights we spent giving away pieces of ourselves

And I don't want to dwell on the past
but I know if we forget we're doomed to repeat
late nights under lights in parking lots
we're put to death by our own hearts

I have but few regrets like a once surrendered innocence
Basking then in love untrue I tried to hide my face from you
On passion's waves my listing ship, to the mast my waist I cinched
down to Davey Jones I go, addicted to the undertow, & I know that...
Track Name: A Love Worth Fighting For
feeling like your life's been going a million miles an hour
careening down the road out of control
dad says go to college, get a degree, get a job, and raise a family, the sleep beneath the snow

And at the end of the road
will i find it's paved in gold, or that of fools?

Working 9 - 5 for several months then several years,
sooner or later i will just get used to it
oh who i am kidding, if there's something more fulfilling, let me at it
I've got too much now to quit
to quit

And at the end of the road
will i find it's paved in gold, or that of fools?

Am i wasting time,
or walking right
help me find my way over to the other side!
help me find my way over to the other side!

Like a wounded solider
lying bleeding on the ground
won a few battles but i think i lost the war

All I've ever wanted in this life so full of struggle
is a purpose and a love worth fighting for.